1-15-16::: SES added Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) from Ecolab/Nalco. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an effective water disinfectant that can be applied anywhere that contamination from microorganisms occurs. It is a superior replacement for many common disinfection systems employed today including chlorine and bleach. As a dissolved gas it penetrates and removes biofilm without the need for additional treatment. ClO2 is also effective over a broad pH range from 4-10. Plus, microorganisms do not build up resistance to ClO2 and THMs are not formed in the disinfection process.

11-20-15::: SES added a new Grid Bee Technology (from MEDORA). The Grid Bee air-powered mixer is excellent for:

9-15-14 ::: We have partnered with AQUAFIX to assist you in addressing your waste water treatment needs. There are numerous situations, in waste treatment operations, that required the use of microbiology. SES and AQUAFIX have teamed up to address these needs within our industry with the most recent technology that we have worked on with the University of Wisconsin.  Call for to handle your foaming, ammonia and grease control problems.

8-2-14  :::   SES launches new maintenance program. Most municipalities are finding that budgets are continually getting tighter in today's economy.  SES has developed a cost effective "on site" maintenance program that can save you considerably by increasing the life of your equipment.  This information will be available on-line and at our industry's upcoming conferences.

9-15-13 ::: SES adds NeoTech Aqua Solutions technology    This reflective UV technology that California based NeoTech has successfully used across the country is now a part of SES product line.  This provides us with an excellent method of addressing THM and HAA problems within the drinking water industry, as well as meeting the many needs of the waste water industry also.  This efficient unit is an extremely low energy approach to UV applications and rivals all other competitors of this technology. Systems as low as 0.3 MGD up to 25 MGD can now easily use this cost effective UV technology.

5-15-13 ::: SES Contracts with Chicago Metropolitan Water     MWRD has just awarded SES the largest equipment contract in company's history.  This chemical storage and feed system demonstrates the vast range of product offerings which SES has to offer.  We continue to grow with our strong customer base. 

12-12-12 ::: SES Expands into Southern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa     A couple of new agreements with our key business partners has allowed us to expand within a couple of new territories.  We now have excellent sales and service coverage throughout most of Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Eastern Iowa.  Our "Water Resource Group" continues to grow it's business in the Water and Waste Treatment markets.  

11-01-2012 ::: SES named Superior distributor
SES is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with CTI, to become the new exclusive distributor of Superior chlorinator and monitoring equipment for Illinois and Northern Indiana.  This make us the premiere supplier for this geography when considering all of your equipment and chemical needs for your plant facility.

8-15-2012 ::: SES Launches New SCADA System
SES launches new SCADA system designed to ease in the monitoring of your water system, even from an off-site location. Contact Mitch Berg (contact information in About Us section) for your specific SCADA system, based on your plant design.

8-15-2012 ::: New Construction Or Plant Renovation Assistance
SES has developed a new approach to meeting the needs of new construction or plant renovations. Contact Dave Foor (contact information in About Us section) for quotations on engineered/contracting projects to meet your equipment needs.

8-15-2012 ::: Addressing Your Chemical Feeds
Our equipment packages are an excellent means of dealing with your chemical issues. Our Model 140 and Model 175 Assembly packages are designed to address the typical chemical feed conditions encountered within plant sites. Contact Kurt Downie (contact information in About Us section) with your system flowrates and plant design, so we can address your chemical feed situations.

8-15-2012 ::: SES And Viking Chemical Launches AQUA*KING 9000 Product Series
SES and Viking Chemical launches a well rehabilitation product line that increases your system capacity. This AQUA*KING 9000 series of products are designed to deal with biofilm conditions as well as microbial induced corrosion (MIC), seen on most well water supplies and distribution systems also. Contact your SES or Viking Chemical representative to have this technical information presented to you.